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Lenovo ThinkServer TS430

Lenovo’s new line of enhanced servers are now more energy-efficient, powerful, and faster than the old models – up 30% more from previous servers. The good news is that the Lenovo ThinkServer TS430 belongs to this new generation of power-packed servers. What’s more, the new Lenovo ThinkServer TS430 has been built with power-saving enhancements most notably the air and temperature sensors with zone cooling technologies that ensures you only use the power that you need.

The ThinkServer TS430 supports up to 8 SATA or SAS how swap drives with easy access and is highly manageable with IPMI 2.0-compliant ThinkServer Management Module and remote iKVM. This particular management feature allows network administrators to remotely handle management tasks efficiently thus negating the need for periodic maintenance visits.

Another important feature of the TS430 is the improved RAID data protection and performance, SAS RAID choices supports 0/1/5/10 RAID configurations along with 4 uDIMM memory slots supporting up to 32GB of ECC memory. The TS430 can store either 2.5-inch SAS or 3.5-inch SATA drives with support of up to 16TB (SATA) or 4.8TB (SAS).

Having the integrated Ethernet gigabit port and industry-leading solutions like the EasyStartup software, and EasyManage enterprise management application, the ThinkServer TS430 is truly a very welcome addition to any company’s data servers.

Source: Lenovo ThinkServer TS430

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